The Caged Bird That Has Forgotten How To Fly

You know the job is not made for you, the moment you find yourself asking others, “can you see me doing this work?” Because honestly, why would someone else’s opinion matter? If I truly wanted the job badly enough, I would have gone for it without any hesitation. There would be no room for regrets either. The pursuit for passion and meaning has been a revolving theme in my life for as long as I can remember. It weighs on me even heavier now that I am thirty and still feeling stuck. I cannot bring myself to stay bitter and suck it up in a workplace that holds different values or priorities from me. I decided to tender my resignation (six months ahead only because I feel responsible for the work under my care) and will soon face the million dollar question of what now. Time will fly but my resolution for the next six months, is to find clarity and move towards work that excites me and sits snuggly with my interests. I will not settle for less or just about anything that comes my way.

Here’s what I think is step 1: attempt to connect on a personal level with someone who inspires you with their dreams and stories, and has actually done something to move themselves into a happier place. learn from their experiences, be more aware of your Self, keep an open mind and let someone else guide you if you have forgotten how to use your wings.

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