One Day

I want to be able to play a musical instrument
I want to sing and play music for an audience
I want to write my own songs and create my own music
I want to travel and connect with people all over the world with my music

There, i have said it. Now i just need to muster some courage to own my dream and not be ashamed of it as i take steps to turn this into a reality.

Today, i am not able to play a single musical instrument. I tried to learn the guitar for a year when i was 13, but it did not work out the way I had imagined. I struggled to read musical notes and managed by remembering where to put my fingers on the strings. Once, I had to play at a school year-end concert with my family sitting in the front row to show their support. I fumbled my whole way through pretending to pluck the strings when i really wasn’t and thanked god the rest of the group masked my guitar sounds. Fortunately, nobody could tell as I had faked it so naturally. I love to sing and believe most people can, just a matter of whether it is bathroom material or beyond. Well, i do go out of pitch in karaoke and never won a singing competition, unlike my sister. I love to dance and move, but i get teased for being out of rhythm. With all that, I had assumed that i was musically uninclined and had given up every thought or hope of building music as a career ever.

Today, i am 30 going on 31, and i have been recently inspired to pursue my interests in order to find my passion in life. I believe it is never too late to learn, and i am going to start with picking up the ukelele. The first lesson has stirred up something inside of me, and i will keep practising until i get good at it.

One day not too far away, i will live out my dream.

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