My Virgin Live Your Legend Meet Up

When I met the stranger who told me about Live Your Legend (LYL) previously, he had invited me to join the next meet up that was happening locally. I responded very quickly then that I was not sure and did not want to commit to going, without first knowing clearly what it would be about. I also declined to join their Whatsapp group as it felt daunting for me to meet new people. This would not be the first time I have tried to join some sort of an interest group in my mission to follow my passions and dreams, and I was not optimistic about its sustainability.

With some hesitation over the week, I managed to make my way to the LYL meet up. At the stairway, I found myself with a very affectionate cat and wanted to stay there to interact with it more than with the humans waiting inside the room. Like a kick in the butt, someone had to come along and asked if I were attending the meet up, forcing me to pick up my steps and make my way through the door. AHA! Meow meow! There was another cat inside the room which I instantly gave my attention to, so that I could put off going through with the dreaded “Hello, I am Amelia. How are you?” small talk. But of course, that ALWAYS have to happen in every networking session. I could fake a good handshake and still sound pretty genuine even if I do not give a hoot about the other person. Do people really want to know about how I am feeling or how my day has been whenever they ask the simple question of “How are you?” What’s the point of asking if you want to hurriedly move on with the same greeting to the next person? The other reason I am less inclined to ask for names is because I have a goldfish memory and will not be able to remember even half of the people in the room (there were about ten of us). I thought it would be rude to repeatedly ask someone for their name just because I have forgotten, but I guess it would appear even more rude had I not even ask for a name in the first place. As you can probably tell, breaking the ice is not an easy process for me, but it was a necessary risk. I have to break down my own wall if I want to let others in. 

Nevertheless, I was still pretty relieved when we did not have to go round the circle to introduce ourselves to everyone. Getting into pairs or trios to introduce and share about ourselves worked way better in warming me up quickly to the group. The facilitator Anh used a coaching toolkit called Points of You to help us reflect and gain insights or clarity through conversations with others. The different points of views to look at something reminded me that we have to be open and broaden our perspectives even if it means needing to be vulnerable at times. We were a very diverse group of people, people from different walks of life. I did not think it was possible to feel this way, but I could sense the same fire burning within us and that fire connected us beyond who we are or where we came from. We were all dreamers seeking for something more. We were all believers in possibilities that might seemed crazy to others or even ourselves right now. And we were meant to be in this journey together because we understood each other in a very special way. Even if was for a fleeting moment, I felt I was right where I belonged. I am glad I made it for the meet up. I feel even more affirmed that I am on the right track in my life and these baby steps that I am making in my own time are enough for now.

Me before the Meet Up: 

Me after the Meet Up: 

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