Life and the Unexpected

I was answering the list of 27 questions to find my passion from the free toolkit and was on the 5th question “Who inspires you?” when the news of Live Your Legend founder Scott Dinsmore’s tragic death came in. All we know is he met with an accident while hiking Mount Kilimanjaro with his wife. I am still shocked and though I have never met him and don’t know him in a way that most of you might have, I feel very sad that another good man with much to give had left this world so suddenly and I will never have the chance to meet him personally to thank him. I also barely know him except through what he writes on his website or automatic emails. But his words had spoken to me and ignited something inside of me days ago. Just a week ago, I had met a small community of his inspired followers in my hometown and felt like family. Now it feels like we have lost someone dear to us. We could not help agreeing that the only way for us to carry on his revolution was for us to believe, pursue and live out our own legends. But I just want to say thank you Scott for inspiring me amongst many. I have no idea where this road will take me, or when life will come to an end for me. In each moment, I can only choose to be 100% congruent and true to myself by doing what I love and giving as much as I can too. Thank you for bringing me out of my cocoon. Rest in peace, knowing you have left behind a legacy that others will surely continue.

Update: If you were brought here today by fate or some search engine, feel free to share where you are from and a word or two of how you have been touched by Scott Dinsmore’s legacy too. I find there is much comfort and support from hearing all the tributes and testimonies by people who know him online and offline. You may follow this closed Facebook group and read more here.

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