Because I Want to Live Off My Passion

Today, without telling anyone so no one can influence my mind, I made the decision to charge US$197 to my existing credit card debts for a shot to Live Off My Passion. This is how important it is for me right now to find and do work I truly love. I figured I have 90 days to go through the course materials and get a refund if I am unhappy with the end result. Even if I do not get back the money, it is money that I can slowly earn back. Moreover, the best investment anyone can possibly make in their lifetime is in oneself. It is a risk we need to take, especially if we want to do much more with our lives but continue to feeling stuck.

If you are doubtful about paying for this course, please do take more time to ponder over it. This was not an impulsive decision for me. I have considered for years to sign up for similar paid self-help courses but this is one revolution I found I share 100% connection with. And even so, I made sure to go through with the free toolkit before I felt ready for the commitment “to work my ass off to find and do work I love” as the late Scott Dinsmore had said. I will be sharing my reflections here weekly over the next couple of months so you can get a sense of whether it works and if this is an experience you want for yourself too.

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