Take Offs and Landings

Here’s an update for last week’s plan:

Firstly, I have to admit I struggled very much with putting the Most Important Tasks into my schedule. It is not the most comprehensive schedule. But I’ll show you how it looks like on my digital planner below. I started simple with maybe 2-3 MITs to be done each day (orange font). I could not imagine packing myself back-to-back with too many things in a day. A detailed schedule could kill me.

Secondly, I probably managed to achieve around 40-50% success rate for my planned tasks. There were a few dinner gatherings and ‘housekeeping’ tasks that required my priority and attention last week (turquoise font). I did not touch my IELTS book at all. I also did not manage to sleep by 1am for most nights (BUT at least I attempted to do so). On a note of encouragement, I did make exercising happen 2 out of 3 times last week even though I did not stick to the exact planned schedule! Clearly, if something means more to you, you will find a way to make it happen.

My takeaway is that, it takes a lot of effort and discipline to keep to the schedule. It worked to get me going through the week, but there were low moments too. Moments I had to stop myself from being consistently ‘busy’. Moments I had to remind myself to be flexible too. If I could not fulfil a task at a specified time as planned, then I had to find another time for it. No point getting all upset and mad with myself. Even if you were able to only fulfil 10% or less of the planned schedule, try to gradually increase the percentage you accomplish the planned tasks. I will never forget that someone once told me even 0.5% is reflective of one’s personal growth. New habits take time to form and following a schedule can be something outside of your comfort.

Let me try again for this week’s schedule. I am a day behind time, but better late than never. I will try to use one word to sum up the MITs for my easy reference this time. I continue to keep some hours free each day for doing nothing as well as bonding time with people who matter. And i will also attempt to answer the following three questions for this week.

Who else can I help this week? My mum (again) and my partner.

Who can I meet this week to inspire me? Any stranger with dreams bigger than my own. Edited: S.C.

Who could help me accomplish what I have planned for the week? You, my reader.

P/s. If you were sharp enough to notice “LOYP” on my schedule, yes it refers to the Live Off Your Passion course which I have boldly signed up for. Read more here.

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