5 Things I Learnt From My Recent Job Interviews

Look. Everyone else is going to tell you to lower your expectations if you are having trouble finding that damn job you have been looking high and low for. My advice, DON’T. Here’s what I stand firmly for despite my own unemployment crisis:

  1. Don’t settle for anything less. Pay included (unless it’s the recession). If they start remarking that you are over-qualified for the position, it highly suggests they cannot pay your expected salary. So move on to other options unless you are really in need for the money right now.
  2. Don’t accept a workplace that does not support work life balance. It’s not like you are not willing to work extra hard or work over-time whenever required. You simply don’t need an employer who thinks it is okay and expected for their employee to clock long hours or bring work home every day.
  3. Don’t let anyone tell you that you should be doing this or that given your qualifications or career experience. I recently met a HR Manager who told me that it is time for me to specialise in one area of field after being in the profession for six years. If there was anything I was certain about, I was not ready to narrow my options or choose a specialisation as yet. Who would know better what you need or want for yourself in this next job or your future, but you?
  4. Keep calm and tell them what they want to hear, not what your heart feels. You may not have a genuine answer to what compelled you to apply for the job, or what you see yourself doing in five years time. You might feel pretentious to do this. But if you cannot convince yourself of a good enough reason, at least try to convince your prospective employers first. You can think or pray about it AFTER they made you a job offer. Or if you need to be authentic, you can always tell your boss the truth after you get in.
  5. Always ask your prospective employer how they plan to supervise or help you to grow professionally. How they respond would tell you a lot more than what they actually say to you. It is probably also very telling if they focus on telling you WHAT is being done for the staff instead of HOW they will carry these processes out or ensure their staffs’ needs are adequately met.

Well, good luck to us and all the best for your next interview!

Credits for all GIFs to http://giphy.com/

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