Live Off Your Passion Course – Module 1 Reviewed

This first module from the LOYP course is about Reconditioning What’s Possible.

I have managed to finish the module materials within half a day! Some of the stuff were what I had already read or seen on the Live Your Legend website or the free toolkit, but I made sure to re-watch some of the videos just in case I missed anything the last time around. Personally, I was not blown away by this module but I think it is because I may have already started taking steps to ‘recondition’ myself to believe in what’s possible before I even signed up for the course.

One reflection that came up was this: I considered one of the main excuses that had made it hard for me to do things differently in my career path to date, was ‘family pressure to be successful and get a good, stable job’. The truth is my family has always supported my decisions, even if they disagreed with my choices in life. My parents had never force me to take a particular course in the university or impose on me to take up a certain job against my will. Without a doubt, I am sure they appreciate the money I contribute monthly when I am in a stable job. Yet in these three months of soul searching, I had never really communicated to them about my values or WHY pursuing work that I love is so important to me. I continue to give them the impression I am just looking for another job. Perhaps if i did, they will be able to understand the HOW and the WHAT that I am trying to figure out for myself, and then, there will be no more doubts with regards to any of my ‘crazy’ actions.

A few things I did after the module:

1) Changed my wallpaper to The Creed of the Living Legends as a reminder to myself of what I need to do every single day from today, 1 October 2015. (Just thought I should mentioned I have never changed my wallpaper since I owned this Macbook four years ago. And yes, i am an Apple consumer.)

2) Told 2-3 people about my plan to find work that I love in the long haul and asked for their support. I had identified one person in particular to help keep check that I complete one module of LOYP course materials and exercises each week for the next 10 weeks.

3) Set a deadline to complete the course by: 25 December 2015 (so hopefully I can still get a refund if I am not convinced this course is helpful).

Let’s hope Module 2 gets me slightly more stirred up.

P/s. Stay tuned if you want to receive weekly reviews for the LOYP course!

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