The Daily Struggle

I recently had a job offer and I turned it down. I thought that working for the money was enough of a WHY to take on any job temporarily, but just imagining the daily struggle of doing work that I did not care about puts me off. So now, every day of holding back from work that brings money but not meaning is another day of achievement for me. The financial constraints are very real but I am still trying my best to manage. From selling preloved items to running errands to organising day trips, I am highly encouraged by every dollar earned through my own alternative means. I am determined to wait out for as long as I can until the right job comes along.

Back at home, the temptations of watching endless drama series and playing computer games are starting to be charming (and alarming). I find it extremely addictive and without the discipline to set and keep to the schedule for the important stuff, time is flying by faster than I know it. It takes a considerable amount of effort to stay consistently focused on the bigger mission and tiny goals for each day. Even attempting a few minutes of meditation had me distracted within seconds. And I thought meditation was supposed to help enhance my mindfulness and focus! Now, you try and do nothing for 2 minutes too.

Trying to stay congruent and not go crazy. You too.

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