Live Off Your Passion Course – Module 4 reviewed and 4 Important Take-Aways

Module 4 of the LOYP course is all about Cultivating Passion, Making Your Discovery & the Birth of Mini-Experiments. Some of the materials here were a couple of tasters also available from the free toolkit on the Live Your Legend website. I skipped some of the exercises as I had previously done them. I also decided that it was okay to be selective with the materials that I wanted to go through. While working on the course today, I went with the flow and allowed myself to be spontaneous with doing other things like learning a new song on the ukulele and checking out the gym schedule for the coming week in between the materials. And I found I actually gained more because I created mental space and removed any pressure from the need to finish the module. So, here are my four biggest discoveries summarised for you after completing this module:

  1. Be proud of your magic moments. Think back and find moments that you felt most alive, energised or proud of. For me, these moments included the first time I travelled alone on a one way ticket, the time when I wrote in for a contest and won the top prize, asking someone to give his seat to someone else who needed it more, helping someone gain a new perspective of looking at a problem, and most recently, having successfully sold my Fiverr gigs. These moments count for something. Relish in the positive feelings that come up. Don’t ever discount them or let anyone take away the magic.
  2. Prioritise learning. I believe that learning is a lifelong process and it is never too late to learn anything. If there is something you have been curious about, go do something about it now, be it just googling to find out more about it or taking up an actual course. You would be surprised at how new insights can come to you even if we re-watch the same TED video or re-read the same book. You may be a keen learner, but are you actively and intentionally seeking knowledge or understanding of your self and the world? Learning needs to be a priority in our daily life, for us to not get stuck in the same old ways of thinking and functioning. Just as how I had prioritise exercise for myself in the past few weeks and then meditation in the past one week, I will gradually introduce learning as a new priority in my life.
  3. Trust your own voice. Don’t believe 100% of everything you read, see or hear. And don’t believe anyone who thinks that they know better than you do, because they might not. They may wish to share their experience, wisdom or insights out of goodwill (just as I might be through this blog!), but bear in mind that these are all based on the individual experiences and perceptions. What worked or did not work for them (or me) might not be the same for you. I recently had an epiphany from my dream, and I realised that the very piece of advice or feedback that we sometimes give to others so freely might actually be words that we really simply want to tell ourselves. There is always something to learn from others, but there are also some things we need to learn by doing things our way.
  4. Fail and Forgive. It seems that we are built by design to strive for success in every aspect of our lives, be it in our education, career or relationship. There is nothing wrong with having the ambition to do well in school, to pursue your goals or dreams, or the desire for a long-lasting relationship. Well, unless that hope turns into expectation which might be met by disappointment and frustration. How familiar! But that has never kept us from wanting more out of life, has it? We only have two choices when met with adversities – we either give up, or we die trying. What accompanies any failure is an opportunity to reflect on how we could have done things differently (rather than better) and to forgive ourselves for the undesired outcome. The absence of forgiveness breed fear and resistance. Start with forgiving yourself before you get up and try again. The next time around it will be different. If not, let it be another discovery to be made.

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