Live Off Your Passion Course – Module 7 as the final review

There is really not much for me to say about for this week’s module on Modeling the Impossible & Getting the Right People In Your Corner. It’s all comes down to determining your next moves and getting out there to do the necessary work to get closer to what you have identified as your passion.

Personally, it is no longer about making that first $1,000 from my passion. I realised it is a lot of heart work that needs to happen first. I need to understand what SELF-LOVE really means and experience the process personally. And that is very likely to be the direction for this blog moving forward. I will not be reviewing the last two modules which talks about turning your passion into money. There are materials which might be useful as reference in the future, but just for the record, I have no intentions to get a refund for the course as it has guided me to gain more clarity than ever about what I want to do with my life and find the motivation to do something about it.

If you do have any questions with regards to the Live Off Your Passion course, feel free to drop me a note. I will be happy to share more about it with you.

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One thought on “Live Off Your Passion Course – Module 7 as the final review

  1. Hi! Thank you for honestly documenting your journey with LOYP! I started it myself a couple of days ago. I wanted to see others’ perspectives on it, so I did some googling and found out about your blog.

    However, I hope that I’ll find something fulfilling that will also bring me money. I somewhat fear the course won’t show me how to make money. At the same time, I hope it will, and I’m ready to work through the whole curriculum.


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