Resolutions and Becomings

I wanted to do an annual review for 2015 like Chris Guillebeau or Scott & Chelsea Dinsmore, but I am still sitting my ass on it till today. And it is now day 6 of 2016. I am becoming convinced it is not quite my style to go into such directive reflections of what went well and what did not. It is what it is, no? I do care about how I feel right now, and what I am becoming. So if part of that becoming requires me to dig deeper to challenge the old stories that I have entrenched in who I am today, then I must do the necessary work the best way I know how. That is why I am determined that my 2016 will be a year of self-love like never before. I want to focus on me. I want to do the things that make me happy. I want to have a more intimate relationship with me. I want to live bravely. I want to surprise myself. I want to feel alive. Right now, these are the experiences I seek and my resolutions for the year:

  1. Complete Brené Brown’s COURAGEworks Living Brave Semester online course (To get 20% discount off, enter the online code BRAVE2016 at checkout)
  2. Continue to see a therapist to work on personal issues
  3. Continue to practise gratitude every day and give thanks for the little things
  4. Continue to practise self-care in areas of health, sleep, diet and exercise
  5. Journal or write down a few lines of reflections every day
  6. Take up one or two classes/workshops in writing and filmmaking (For Singaporeans, do explore how you can use your SkillsFuture Credits to explore your interests)
  7. Learn to ride a bike and get a license
  8. Kickstart a new initiative or project at work
  9. Travel solo to Nepal for a self-love retreat
  10. Publish my first book 
  11. Get really scared doing public speaking and do it over and over again.
  12. Have a better financial plan in place and a substantial savings plan by the end of the year.
  13. Be open to new experiences and make as many mistakes as possible.

“I want this to be about living, about changing the way we show up every day in our lives.”

Whether you decide to have any resolutions or not, follow your heart and do what works best for you. Most importantly, live bravely.

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