The good place exists.

Three months into my new job and I have absolutely no regrets walking out of the bad place I found myself at not too long ago. Lately, the weeks feel like days that fly by me almost too quickly. Gone are the days that felt like years, when I had to drag myself to work and count down the painful hours to go home. Now, I actually dare say I am happy. I am kept busy all the time but I am happy. I feel like I’m doing work that resonates more with my heart and personality. I’m surrounded by kind, supportive colleagues, a boss who trusts, affirms and laughs with us, and a management that empowers their staff. I have opportunities to learn and grow in more ways than one. I also have room to screw up and that’s okay. Not everything has been easy peasy, smooth or perfect, but I have been able to roll with the punches and walk away knowing I have learnt something new again. I believe that every person I meet teaches me something about me. I have learnt to be even more resilient and found the courage to speak up at times. I also see that how I manage people or tasks at hand have a lot to do with the life and work experiences I had. So I must keep reminding myself not to dismiss the good parts even in the bad places.

Many people seem to be asking me, how long will I stay in this job for? Or telling me, that they hope this is the one job I will keep. One even bet with me that I would leave within six months. I have no answer and I don’t get why that would be relevant to my well-being. I get that I might lose out on all the employee benefits, promotions and monetary gains that could otherwise be accumulated over the years. I might have even earned myself the unassuming title of a “job-hopper”. Quite frankly, there are many other factors of consideration when it comes to my decision to stay or leave. I simply wish to find and do work that matters to me and it does not matter where or for how long. I can make some plans but they can always change along the way. I will keep doing what feels right and fits best for each moment. That I suppose can be an uncomfortable position to be in for most of us who prefer stability or control over our lives. To each his or her own, and I wish us all well wherever we are at this very moment.

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