The good place exists.

Three months into my new job and I have absolutely no regrets walking out of the bad place I found myself at not too long ago. Lately, the weeks feel like days that fly by me almost too quickly. Gone are the days that felt like years, when I had to drag myself to work … Continue reading The good place exists.

Because I Want to Live Off My Passion

Today, without telling anyone so no one can influence my mind, I made the decision to charge US$197 to my existing credit card debts for a shot to Live Off My Passion. This is how important it is for me right now to find and do work I truly love. I figured I have 90 … Continue reading Because I Want to Live Off My Passion

Life and the Unexpected

I was answering the list of 27 questions to find my passion from the free toolkit and was on the 5th question "Who inspires you?" when the news of Live Your Legend founder Scott Dinsmore's tragic death came in. All we know is he met with an accident while hiking Mount Kilimanjaro with his wife. … Continue reading Life and the Unexpected

My Virgin Live Your Legend Meet Up

When I met the stranger who told me about Live Your Legend (LYL) previously, he had invited me to join the next meet up that was happening locally. I responded very quickly then that I was not sure and did not want to commit to going, without first knowing clearly what it would be about. I … Continue reading My Virgin Live Your Legend Meet Up

Live Your Legend

Earlier today I met two people - one whom I have never met before and another whom I have worked for and known for a few years now. Both of them had something in common. They were not in full-time jobs and were trying to figure out ways to carve out something more meaningful. As I was … Continue reading Live Your Legend