The Daily Struggle

I recently had a job offer and I turned it down. I thought that working for the money was enough of a WHY to take on any job temporarily, but just imagining the daily struggle of doing work that I did not care about puts me off. So now, every day of holding back from work that brings money but not … Continue reading The Daily Struggle

5 Things I Learnt From My Recent Job Interviews

Look. Everyone else is going to tell you to lower your expectations if you are having trouble finding that damn job you have been looking high and low for. My advice, DON'T. Here's what I stand firmly for despite my own unemployment crisis: Don't settle for anything less. Pay included (unless it's the recession). If they start remarking that you … Continue reading 5 Things I Learnt From My Recent Job Interviews

Take Offs and Landings

Here's an update for last week's plan: Firstly, I have to admit I struggled very much with putting the Most Important Tasks into my schedule. It is not the most comprehensive schedule. But I'll show you how it looks like on my digital planner below. I started simple with maybe 2-3 MITs to be done each … Continue reading Take Offs and Landings

Before the Week Takes off

This usually goes into my personal journal, but I am going to document my first attempt at the Weekly Planning Workbook here so that hopefully it can drive me to be more accountable to my goals and plans. --- STEP 1: CONNECT AND VISUALIZE THE BIG PICTURE This is a little bit of a struggle. I have thought about the big … Continue reading Before the Week Takes off