Where is the fire?

Last weekend I attended the Love & Light Festival and felt myself drawn to have a reading session with Margaret. I had no prior intention of spending any money and had no specific areas in my life I was seeking answers about. Life was alright. Love was good. Work was well, work. I sat across … Continue reading Where is the fire?

This too shall pass.

The tables have turned and the cards are in my favour. I am getting out of here. I feel the heavy weight lifted off my shoulder. I was asked if I wanted to stick around a little bit longer, but I care no more for the extra money or learning opportunities. I am more than … Continue reading This too shall pass.

Life and the Unexpected

I was answering the list of 27 questions to find my passion from the free toolkit and was on the 5th question "Who inspires you?" when the news of Live Your Legend founder Scott Dinsmore's tragic death came in. All we know is he met with an accident while hiking Mount Kilimanjaro with his wife. … Continue reading Life and the Unexpected