Make it a Compassionate Christmas

With a full-time day job recently in place, it has become more tricky to manage everything that I had initially planned to do. One of these included writing in this blog twice a week. However, I clearly need to readjust my own expectations, so I don't beat myself up for failing to keep up. It … Continue reading Make it a Compassionate Christmas

The Challenge of Self-Love at Work

Today at my new workplace, my team decided to play a 'game' to get to know each other better. Everyone was allowed to ask anyone else in the room a question from a pile of cards given to them. Being the newest addition to the team, I had a couple of questions thrown my way … Continue reading The Challenge of Self-Love at Work

Live Off Your Passion Course – Module 3 reviewed

This third review for the LOYP course is a little late for the week as I was caught up with other stuff like going for job interviews, working on my Fiverr gig orders and spending time connecting with my feelings. It is hence very timely that I have to cover materials on the topic of Creating Your Environment & Connecting with … Continue reading Live Off Your Passion Course – Module 3 reviewed