This too shall pass.

The tables have turned and the cards are in my favour. I am getting out of here. I feel the heavy weight lifted off my shoulder. I was asked if I wanted to stick around a little bit longer, but I care no more for the extra money or learning opportunities. I am more than … Continue reading This too shall pass.

When work becomes disempowering, stand your ground.

I choose what I want to eat or drink, anything that fancies my mood because that is more predictable than yours. I choose who I want to be with or where I want to go during the one hour lunch because it's a breather from the 9 to 6 of being back in school or … Continue reading When work becomes disempowering, stand your ground.

This is what stepping into my discomfort zone looks like.

I am on a bullet train and I have to transit at some interchange ahead to change lines. But I am so exhausted I let myself fall asleep anyway. I awake later to find that I have missed some stops and will now need to make a detour. The train has stopped at a station … Continue reading This is what stepping into my discomfort zone looks like.

The Daily Struggle

I recently had a job offer and I turned it down. I thought that working for the money was enough of a WHY to take on any job temporarily, but just imagining the daily struggle of doing work that I did not care about puts me off. So now, every day of holding back from work that brings money but not … Continue reading The Daily Struggle

A little vulnerability

This morning I woke up and for the first time in this season, I felt tired and unhappy. Job-hunting has been a wild-goose chase. Money is running out fast. I am falling behind with my exercise routine. Back at home relations feel tensed which I attribute to me being home way too much. I have been going to bed later and … Continue reading A little vulnerability