The Daily Struggle

I recently had a job offer and I turned it down. I thought that working for the money was enough of a WHY to take on any job temporarily, but just imagining the daily struggle of doing work that I did not care about puts me off. So now, every day of holding back from work that brings money but not … Continue reading The Daily Struggle

5 Things I Learnt From My Recent Job Interviews

Look. Everyone else is going to tell you to lower your expectations if you are having trouble finding that damn job you have been looking high and low for. My advice, DON'T. Here's what I stand firmly for despite my own unemployment crisis: Don't settle for anything less. Pay included (unless it's the recession). If they start remarking that you … Continue reading 5 Things I Learnt From My Recent Job Interviews

A little vulnerability

This morning I woke up and for the first time in this season, I felt tired and unhappy. Job-hunting has been a wild-goose chase. Money is running out fast. I am falling behind with my exercise routine. Back at home relations feel tensed which I attribute to me being home way too much. I have been going to bed later and … Continue reading A little vulnerability

Live Your Legend

Earlier today I met two people - one whom I have never met before and another whom I have worked for and known for a few years now. Both of them had something in common. They were not in full-time jobs and were trying to figure out ways to carve out something more meaningful. As I was … Continue reading Live Your Legend

5 Ways To Be Creatively Productive During Unemployment

Those of us currently unemployed and searching for a 'real' job (because we have to) while living off our depleting savings, would probably understand how it feels like to be on a roller-coaster ride of emotions and swinging between spurts of carefreeness, anxiety and hopelessness. I had quit without a job lined up and was planning to take a short break. As the weeks passed, it dawned on … Continue reading 5 Ways To Be Creatively Productive During Unemployment