Happy cock it up year!

Another year with lots of new beginnings to be excited about. A new job, new names and faces to remember, new travel route to work, new things to learn on the job, all in one pretty package. Yet something seems to be weighing on me. I don't always like the skeptic in me, but I shall admit I have my doubts and … Continue reading Happy cock it up year!

Make it a Compassionate Christmas

With a full-time day job recently in place, it has become more tricky to manage everything that I had initially planned to do. One of these included writing in this blog twice a week. However, I clearly need to readjust my own expectations, so I don't beat myself up for failing to keep up. It … Continue reading Make it a Compassionate Christmas

The Challenge of Self-Love at Work

Today at my new workplace, my team decided to play a 'game' to get to know each other better. Everyone was allowed to ask anyone else in the room a question from a pile of cards given to them. Being the newest addition to the team, I had a couple of questions thrown my way … Continue reading The Challenge of Self-Love at Work

The Job You Pick Matters; Don’t Ever Settle

After not working for five months, it feels somewhat exciting yet a little unnerving that I am starting on a full-time day job in a few days' time. I tell everyone that this new job is just a temporary place for me to be at for the next couple of years, while I work on my … Continue reading The Job You Pick Matters; Don’t Ever Settle